I do not have a partner/ class/ group from the other countries. How and where can I find a partner?

If you are searching for a partnering class/ group from Germany, France, or Poland, you can have a look at the online exchange services provided by the German-French and the German-Polish Youth Offices.

When looking for German and/or French partners, use the following page on the German-French Youth Office website: http://www.dfjw.org/einen-partner-finden

When looking for German and/or Polish partners, use the following page on the German-Polish Youth Office website: http://www.dpjw.org/kontaktboersen/projektpartner/

If you still cannot find a partner, or if you’re looking for Ukrainian partners, you can also contact the Young Europeans Award organising team directly.

How big should the group be?

A project group/team should be composed of a minimum of 6 to 8 people (counting by the country of residence at least 2 people from France, 2 people from Germany, 2 people from Poland and, if the guest country is directly included in the project itself, at least 2 people from the guest country).

Can I get financial support?

If the project is being created as part of an international youth encounter/exchange, it is possible to submit a request for funding from the respective organization, either the French-German Youth Office (DFJW/OFAJ) or the German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW/PNWM).
>> Subvention for trilateral projects (pdf)

Can I hand in a project that has already been realized?

You can submit an already completed project as long as it was created within a year of the application deadline. However, projects that have already received awards cannot be submitted to the Young Europeans Award contest, unless the application shows they have been substantially reworked into a new project.

Who can take the role of the main contact person?

Teachers or authorized/certified youth leaders in their country of residence (of full age) can act as main contact persons. In teams comprised of full-aged members only, team members should appoint a main contact person among themselves.

What is the role of the main contact person?

The main contact person is the person who registers the participating group for the contest on the Young Europeans Award website . He/She also enters an email address through which he/she will receive all information regarding the contest on a regular basis. Moreover, he/she will be contacted in case the applicant group has been selected to win. The main contact person is also the person responsible for updating all participants/team leaders/teachers involved in the project about the contest and the project.

If my group wins, (how) will we be taken care of in Brussels?

All country groups comprising the winning team should be accompanied by a teacher/ authorized youth leader from their country (unless the whole team is of full age). The accompanying person will be legally responsible for his/her group. However, we will take care of all practical issues concerning the organization of your trip and above all design an interesting and attractive programme for you during the trip.

How many projects can be handed in by the LOGIN user/ main contact person?

The main contact person can hand in more than one project. This means that he/she can supervise separate teams developing separate projects. Three different classes, for instance, can be divided in smaller subgroups that each work on different projects. The main contact person is, however, the person who has to submit all the different projects.

I am under 18 and have no supervisor. What should I do?

It is a precondition for participation in the contest to be of age or to find a supervisor willing to oversee you in your project. Therefore, please ask your teachers, team leaders or others to help you during the application process.

In which language should the project be presented?

The project can be conducted and presented in any of the participating countries’ languages (German, French, Polish). The summary of the project should be written in English. However, the detailed description of the project can be written either in the native language of the project’s main applicant or in English.

Does my team have to be composed of people from four countries?

No, the implication of all four countries is not compulsory. The core team consists of participants from France, Germany and Poland, at least 6 people, counting by the country of residence (at least 2 people from France, 2 people from Germany, 2 people from Poland). Contributions also involving young people from Ukraine are thus very welcome as well (at least 2 people).